Project Management



Our know-how in organising and planning building projects is what sets us apart from the rest, guaranteeing the successful completion of your construction within the scheduled deadline and budget. These skills, combined with our determination to offer perfection in every detail, enable us to achieve results that surprise and delight every time. We are convinced that success is all about “combining details to form the whole”.

Our commitment to your project starts right from the initial design phase, which we either draw up ourselves or in close collaboration with the team responsible for this task. Right from the start, we take responsibility for coordinating all the agents involved in the process, ensuring that everyone shares the same goals.


Not everyone working in this sector knows exactly which suppliers deliver the best service or products for each process. What’s more, obtaining a number of quotes for each item takes considerable time and effort and deciding which quote guarantees the best value for money also requires sector-specific knowledge and insight.

The range of materials and finishes available on the market is immense, and exhaustive product knowledge is crucial in order to make the best possible decision and obtain the product that matches the precise needs and requirements.

In addition, the construction process is highly complex and involves numerous agents. Effective coordination of all these parties in order to guarantee completion of the work in the shortest possible time whilst keeping costs to a minimum is one of the project manager’s most important tasks.

If you are not on the island or do not have time to oversee the work as you would wish, you will naturally be interested in finding someone able to offer ongoing supervision of the work in progress.


Advise on the most recommendable suppliers or contractors for each task, the variety of products and materials available on the market and the licences and permits required for your construction project.

Manage the procedures involved in obtaining various quotes for each task, placing orders and supervising deliveries.

Coordinate the various contractors, informing them of the tasks required and the works schedule.

Oversee the work, visiting and inspecting the works site as often as necessary, monitoring the work deadlines and of course ensuring full technical supervision.

Control costs at each phase of the work, keeping you informed right from the start of any possible budget deviations in order to prevent any unpleasant surprises later on.


Complete peace of mind as you delegate the most time-consuming tasks involved in any construction project.

The assurance that comes with entrusting the work to the island’s finest professionals in each sector and because we work to ensure full compliance with the desired quality and selected materials at all times.

Financial savings directly attributable to a well-planned and ordered construction process that will be completed in the shortest possible time. The ultimate objective is your full satisfaction, obtaining the expected results with maximum efficiency.


Drawing up of reports for the corresponding permits and licences.